Knives – Lyrics

I was walking in the sun
and a tear fell from my eye.
Yes I felt like the full moon should,
yes I felt like getting high.
Then I touched a cloud appearing
and I looked into the sky.
I was trying to look forwards,
looking upwards, splitting time,
splitting time, splitting time.

So easy baby colours out of sight,
carry my other way tonight.
The chaos and disorders,
it’s the border of my eyes,
which I have to cross to link the vibe
between you and me that’s right.
I was trying to listen backwards
looking upwards with candlelight,
candlelight, candlelight.

Well the knives that cut you down
they seem so sharp.
For the higher I get,
the deeper I fall down.
Who’s controlling you it’s not just one.

My mind has carves and holes from spirits gone.
My car is cursed and also the driver’s gone.

Perception mostly keeps your head,
it keeps your heads apart.
But to lack to react instantly,
so instantly it’s a start.
What I want and what you want,
it must be, must be the soul.
Don’t critisize, shut up, relax
without to bother about a strain,
’bout a strain, ’bout a strain.

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