Movin’ on – Lyrics & Music

She found you that’s alright,
that’s alright by me.
No forsake, no mistake, not today.
I definitely need, I need a break,
or a shake of mind.
Cry to me now, laugh with me now, now!

He joined them, when they came back,
it was then that he found you.
Thinking that no one faked, no one was broke,
everybody smiling enjoying life.
Back there he came with a broken glass,
then they ran out very bored.
Fly to me now, talk to me now, now!

All the things I’ve said
they seem like images far away,
just like the feeling that you wanna stay
but you finally have to go away.
You gotta keep on movin’ on, movin’ on.
You gotta keep on movin’ on, movin’ on.

Don’t see any harm to change and shape,
another sight at my mind.
Cause my car can’t join the geometric fluxes
overall jar (?)
Fortunately the sea is wet,
untill when will this cup be.
Dry your tears now, dance away with me. See!

Note by admin: not sure if all the words are right, couldn’t read all of Harm’s scribbling in the old text…

Cleaning up his harddisk Admin found this really old psychedelic demo version. Recorded when Harm had just moved to the Vindicatstraat and decided that his spiritual age would remain twenty years forever…

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