Pictures – Lyrics

You draw pictures, prefer lined eyes.
World goes through your mind online.
A crack In the celling, a fallen glass,
It all seems so useless, but time makes it pass.
Now I’m all alone, I couldn’t care less.
Don’t ask me why…

Now that I know enough to be,
nothing remains the same to me.
But it seems to be another possibility
to drown and frown at eternity, oh yeah.
To drown and to frown at eternity.

Confirming this shit that’s surrounding me.
To face and rearrange my reality.
To smile when there’s terror confronting me.
You milk cows and I make music.
Another time, you work now mine.
Visions of paradise, you got to discover the world.
Adam and Eve were the diverted swans
who named all those animals, those plants are one.
I maybe a lunatic, but the river flows on.
Yes the river flows on and on and on and on and on…

Now all that has changed, the feeling’s gone.
I’m holding my hand, it could have been mine.
I hate when I’m pregnant of living a lie.
It cuts like iron, but it tastes like wine.
A nose in the dark, a foot on the line.
Wild solutions, please scare me white.
Please scare me white, scare me white, scare me white…

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