Klaske Oenema

Sexton Creeps – Sabbelaars & Bijters

bijterssabbelaarsThe Sexton Creeps with Klaske Oenema and Harm Wierda have played at the Grote Kerk in Diever
on June 9 2012.

Klaske Oenema – Undecided Storm

Klaske Oenema - Undecided Storm


1. Oh Lord, a mess (06:21)
2. It folds (03:36)
3. The circle & the line (02:47)
4. Plastic crown (02:38)
5. Undecided storm (04:11)
6. The coloured path (04:16)
7. There in the sand (02:40)
8. No I am not married (02:27)
9. How will I? (04:56)
10. Life boat (03:56)
11. Afraid of the girls (01:26)
12. The zipper (04:02)
13. Life=right (02:29)


  • Klaske Oenema – guitar, recorder, Yamaha keyboard, piano, Hammond organ, vocals.
  • Harm Wierda – Panther organ, Rhodes piano bass, Rhodes piano, mouth harp, Hohner organ, drums, chimes, guitar, harmonium, vocals.
  • Dikkie Visser – percussion & vocals (on track 8).

All songs written and sung by KO except track 7 by HW & KO. Part of the album was recorded at home on tape deck by KO but most of it was recorded and mixed at Save the 7 Studios by HW & KO. Arrangements: KO & HW. Mastering: Blaisdell Studio, Groningen. Artwork &photo’s: KO. Portrait HW/KO: Chris van Wierst. We thank Sara, Welmoed, Michel and Sudden Ally especially. Hole in One Recordings 001.

Robert Wyatt about the album:

There is some magic going on…

Klaske Oenema – Live at Vera
CD Presentation “Undecided Storm”

Klaske Oenema’s new cd featuring Harm Wierda is called “undecided Storm” and was presented at Vera Groningen on Thursday December 8 2011.

With performances of:

Martine Rademakers


Jan Klug

[English abstract from press release:

Klaske Oenema is a singer, artist and writer, best known from her solo performances with an overhead projector, with which she won the 2006 audience award at the graduation exhibition of the Rietveld Academy.

The new “Undecided Storm” album was made in collaboration with multi-instrumentalist and soundscaper Harm Wierda. Oenema started making music with Wierda when their love affair ended and they explore their form as a duo carefully while playing.

The simplicity of her songs, her minimalistic guitar, her warm voice and often poetic texts are strenghtened as well as warped by Wierda. He is a very resourceful keyboard player who finds his freedom within the boundary of her songs. Wierda is very skilled in creating melodic details and controls his instruments to perfection.

The music is sometimes carefully searching, sometimes passionate, and like in a poem the white spaces play an important role. In songs like “Oh Lord, a mess” and “Life Boat” the minimalistic arrangements are inclined to abstract shape, but are firmly held together by the striking melodies of her personal narrative manner.

“Undecided Storm” is the story of a woman investigating her relationship with a man, struggling with individuality versus surrender, restriction versus virtuosity. Vulnerability is strenght. The naivety of the music and performance of Klaske Oenema are portrayed shamelessly with the result of being anything but naive, a concept to be found in her writing and art as well.
Klaske Oenema will prove to be a different and innovative voice in pop music.]

Listen to some tracks at Klaske’s site

Photos of the concert by Harold Zijp at VPRO’s 3voor12 site HERE

New Moon Orchestra – Live at Vespro

Sexton Creeps and Lepelconcerts have presented:
Sexton Creeps’ New Moon Orchestra
an improvisation in two act led by Jurgen Veenstra.

First act: Who Cut The Better Half Of The Moon?
Second act: You Prepaired The Children Fine, Tantalos!

Artists: J.C., Steven Jouwersma, Bram Nigten, Martine Rademakers, Jos Volkers, Jouke van der Krieke, Arnold Nieborg, Steven Willemsen, Cristina Beteringhe, Rosa Visser, Kasper van Hoek, Klaske Oenema, Harm Wierda, Karl Huisman, David Lamain, Fenneke Schouten, Kay Tsjassing.

Friday November 25 2011. Vespro. Antillenstraat 9a, Groningen.