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Harm Wierda – 777



1. Moving Heavy Machinery
2. Evolving Numbers
3. Rising Righteousness
4. Guten Morgen Salat
5. Configurations Overload
6. The Whispering Voice
7. Harmonious Tendencies
8. Acht is Meas As Njoggen


  • Harm Wierda – All instruments.

Harm’s debut solo album featuring instrumental music. Released in 2007. Buy at CD Baby or at Wham Wham Records.

777 – CD Presentation

A short impression of Harm’s performance during the presentation of his 777 CD at Cafe “De drie uiltjes” in Groningen February 2007. Not of the best quality, rudimently shot by Admin on his cell phone. But hey, at least it’s something, right?

777 – Review Gothronic

Review of 777 on Gothronic 2007

Sadly the name Harm Wierda didn’t mean anything to me. This meant a quick google search was in order. This again led to a site called “Mormonen voor vrede en gerechtigheid” (Mormons for peace and justice). This site mentioned that apart from being a member of Planet Orange, Harm Wierda was also the organ player for the Mormon community in Groningen. Couple this with the picture of a quiet looking man in plain shirt and the kind welcome extended to the readers of his texts and you see that this is not the stereotype psychedelic musician. Don’t let appearances fool you however; this musician’s debut album is a real jewel. Though it might be unoriginal to say, mister Wierda is truly pulling out all the stops when playing his Hammond organ.

The first track, the aptly named “Moving Heavy Machinery”, starts simply with a nice rhythm, mechanical but warm. During the tracks’ seventeen minutes runtime many different layers are incorporated into the songs fabric. The resulting music is manipulated in such a way that at times it sounds warm and welcoming, while it sounds cold at other points. Sometimes it even seems to convey both feelings at the same time.

Next up is “Evolving Numbers”, again providing over fifteen minutes of pure listening pleasure. This track is a bit lighter in nature than the first one and reminds one, in turn, of classical music and progrock and kraut classics. The same as with the previous track this one again contains enough bass to have your stereo register on the seismographs.

After these two tracks the album contains a short pause in the form of “Rising Righteousness” and “Gute Morgen Salat”. The first of these is a relaxing conventional organ tune lasting a mere one and a half minutes. The second track, lasting one minute and forty seconds, isn’t much longer than the first and also provides a nice contrast to the rest of the album, this time due to the light chords used in the song.

The album continues with the last four tracks. The first of these is “Configuration Overload”, easily the darkest song on the entire album. The track starts with mostly low tones. Someway onto the track high whistling notes, the same mechanical rhythm as in the first track and a few scraping chords start haunting the listener. Only in the last minute of the song things quiet down and give the user a short breathing pause before continuing on to the next song.

This is the dark and quite bombastic “The Whispering Voice”. Finally the last two tracks, the uplifting “Harmonious Tendencies” and the light of tone “Acht is mear as Njoggen” conclude the album in such a way that one can hardly resist listening to the album once more.

All in all I believe that this album will be enjoyed by people who like, among others, Suicide, Amon Düül II, Current 93s’ “Sleep Has His House” and generally anyone who likes a great deal of low drones emanating from his or her stereo set.

Finally I’d like to draw some attention to the label on which the album is released: Wham Wham. At the moment their catalogue only contains two releases, this one and Adept, both of which are quite enjoyable. It might be a good idea to keep a close eye on this record label; I know I certainly will.

777 – Review Fileunder

Review of 777 on FileUnder March 19 2007

“Goeiedag lieve mensen, Ik ben Harm Wierda , ik kom uit het noorden des lands, ik ben organist bij de Mormonen (elke zondag kun je me vinden in Groningen), en ik heb zelf een analoge orgel waarmee ik graag en lang drones maak en psychedelisch in de weer ben. Niet dat ik me erg bezig houd met het vooraf componeren, nee; ik speel het liefst wat spontaan tot me komt. Is ook best mooi zo nu en dan, nietwaar? De donkere kanten van het leven spreken me erg aan, en die probeer ik dan in mijn uitgestrekte sfeerschetsen te verwerken. Zelf houd ik er al nogal van, hoewel ik me kan voorstellen dat het voor buitenstaanders en niet-gelovigen welicht hier en daar wat langdradig klinkt. Beetje alsof het nergens heen gaat. Dat is echter niet zo voor mij, ik exploreer de mogelijkheden van klank en instrument, en daar moet je gewoon de tijd voor nemen. Beetje zoals de krautrockbands dat in de vroege jaren zeventig ook deden, of Pink Floyd in 1967. En toen was het toch ook mooi? Waarom nu dan niet? Hoe dan ook, ik hou erg van mijn gefreak. Soms voel ik me er zo goed bij dat ik spontaan in zingen uitbarst. Ik weet dat ik dat eigenlijk niet moet doen want ik kan helemaal niet zingen, maar ja, tijdens zo’n sessie heb ik me soms niet meer helemaal in de hand. Gelukkig gebeurt het me niet vaak. Maar goed. Lieve mensen, beste aanwezigen, ik zou het heel fijn vinden als jullie eens naar mijn album 777 zouden luisteren. Wellicht dat het jullie heel erg meevalt. Probeer je te laten meeslepen door de sfeer, en ook als je denkt dat het wat te lang doorgaat, blijf dan toch nog even luisteren want dan begint mijn muziek pas echt te werken. Bij voorbaat dank!”

[English abstract.
I would like it very much if you would listen to my album “777”. Perhaps it’s not too bad. Try to become engulfed by the athmosphere, even if you think it goes on a bit too long, please hold on, because that’s when my music starts to work. Thank you in advance.]